Photographs of the Year 2019 (Part 2)

In the final part of my review of my favourite pictures of the year, I pick my best 3 photos from the second half of 2019 and tell the stories behind their capture.

Let’s go.

Vintage Golf 01new.jpg

It is becoming increasingly difficult in 2019 to make your marketing message heard in an increasingly crowded and chaotic commercial world. People have become adept at ignoring the vast amount of messages that pop-up online to focus on their chosen content. The increase of catch-up TV means that people can fast forward the advertising segments and print is going out of fashion.

In order to cut through the mass of offerings out there then, you have to do something slightly different. And so it was then that I approached one of our members (Joe) with an idea to create a slightly quirky photo shoot that would stand out from the competition. I wanted to use Joe’s classic Morgan car to produce some images that emphasised the history, class and scenery of the golf course but with a fun element included in order to avoid looking stuffy.

The finished set of pictures turned out great and the art deco style finish adds to the charm. I had wanted to get Joe into some Plus Fours but this was a step too far for him! Nevertheless I think he looks pretty dapper and the car is the star without losing total focus upon the golfing element.

Anne Van Dam hitting her approach to the 13th green during the 2nd round of the 2019 Women’s British Open at Woburn

This photo captures quite well the memory of a fantastic couple of days following the best women players in the world at The Open.

Whilst my heart says that this tournament should be played at a Links course like the men’s equivalent, I have to admit that Woburn offered a good test and was very convenient for me to get too! The crowds were pretty large and event got a spectacular finish and a superb champion.

I wanted to follow the Dutch phenom Anne Van Dam. I had seen video of her silky swing on YouTube and heard about her long driving prowess. I managed to catch the back nine of her second round when she was battling to make the cut, which she did on the number. You cannot fail to be impressed by her ball-striking. It stands out against some strong opposition in the women’s game. It would also be fair to say that she also has some rough edges to smooth out if she wants to become a Major Champion, particularly with her putting rhythm and mindset. If she can keep improving the weaker aspects however, she has a great shot at breaking the Asian dominance at the top of the game.

The shot was taken from the right side of the tough Par 4 13th hole on the Marquess course. With the fairway sloping away into the trees on the left side of the hole, most players aimed their tee shots down the right hand side with the consequence being some close encounters with Titleist and Callaway golf balls during the couple of hours spent in this shady spot.

It was great to watch the flights of the resultant mid-irons into the green, with most players shaping their approach from right-to-left to catch the slope on the green and feed the ball towards the hole. Van Dam’s shot in the photo just leaked to the right but she did make a great up and down to salvage Par.

Photo credit: Philip Vince

My personal favourite photograph of 2019.

The photo was taken following my shot from an enormous bunker at the front of the 10th green on the New Course at Sunningdale during a drizzly day in October. As you may tell, I was particularly pleased with my escape to around 6 foot which enabled me to save Par.

The tournament in Berkshire was in the middle of a period of 4 successive victories for me in a 6 week stretch during the autumn. I believe that the photo captures the essence of one of the key ingredients to winning – having fun. I had hit a pretty poor approach shot on this stunning Par 3 – a hybrid that was online but struck poorly and ended up short. The bunker is huge – I was actually stood up into the face when the picture was taken – I could not see the flag when playing the shot. I approached the daunting challenge with a positive attitude however, and the result was beautiful!

It is amazing what can happen when you set out to have fun and do not take life too seriously.


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