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Back in December, whilst planning the RCGC marketing strategy for 2019, we decided that building an instagram following would be a key target. After all, with its focus on great imagery, this would seem the perfect platform for a cliff-top golf club with stunning vistas in every direction. And it is free.

Two and a half months later and the numbers are building steadily. Views are coming in from all over the world and the messages that RCGC wants to convey are highlighted in digestible chunks for the public to see.

In this blog I will pick the best of our insta content so far and take the opportunity to explain in more detail than social media allows the stories behind the images and the strategy behind the story.


17th hole at RCGC & the ‘Devil’s Pits’

One of the most fascinating and emotive aspects of course design is the use of hazards.

When you see an image of a deep bunker or a sloping green, you cannot but help to imagine how you wold execute a shot from these positions. Think for a second of the Road Hole bunker at St Andrews or the 16th green at Augusta and you will see what I mean.

This is why bunkers, sloping greens and tightly mown run-offs are superior as hazards to water, trees or thick rough – they give the golfer the chance to dream of a miracle escape.

Give a hazard a name and the emotion level and memorability ramps up further – so the horrible and deep swales to the left of the penultimate green at Cromer have become the ‘Devil’s Pits’, a suitably fearsome moniker.


rcgc history3
RCGC Original Clubhouse & 18th green

History is a powerful indication of a Club’s sustainability and quality and Cromer, particularly with its Royal links, contains a rich and powerful heritage.

RCGC Course Guide c.1949

Whether it is changes in course design, royal links, famous visitors or past hosting of major Championships, snippets of this history help people to connect with RCGC in 2019.

Course Development

Continual improvement of the golf course is at the very centre of the business plan at RCGC. As such, demonstration of improvements can attract new members and visitors, encourage past visitors to return and keep current members up to date and engaged in the work.

Development of the 9th hole at RCGC
Development of the 18th green at RCGC

It is true that the pictures speak for themselves.

The development work covers several areas – green trueness, mow lines, tee flattening and furniture, bunker replacement/refurbishment and rough management are all combined to create the stunning transformations.

The split screen option available on instagram helps to show off the changes in the most effective way.


Four Seasons at Royal Cromer

The marketing strategy for a premium brand such as Royal Cromer tends to stay away from adverts that focus on price, instead preferring to showcase the quality and luxury of the product and engage the consumer with the story.

The most simple and efficient way to achieve this is with fantastic photography backed up by interesting scripts.

6th Hole at RCGC with a view along the coast to Cromer Pier

For example, the above image looks beautiful and was timed to coincide with the Pier featuring as part of the BBC’s Christmas adverts.

The pictures on the RCGC instagram page are a mixture of professional shots and amateur phone footage. Look out for more great content in the future!

Follow Royal Cromer on instagram: rcgc_1888

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