Top 10 – Par 3’s in Norfolk – Final Part

Welcome to the final part of my blog highlighting the best short holes that Norfolk has to offer. This part will reveal a stunning collection of holes that rank as the very best in the County.

You can check out the holes that filled positions ten to six here.

Then, without further ado, let us look at the holes ranked in the top 5:

5. Sheringham Golf Club – 15th Hole – 192 yards.

With views to the sea on your left, a steam train puffing by on your right and a vista of yellow blooming banks of gorse in the distance behind the green, the golfer would be forgiven for losing some concentration on the task at hand when they stand on the fifteenth tee at Sheringham.

From an aesthetic viewpoint, an infinity style green that offers a seemingly endless drop-off at the back of the green adds a special challenge to the golfers psyche. The 15th at Sheringham, together with the 17th at Royal Cromer and 7th at Hunstanton are three excellent examples of how well this design feature can work.

The hole itself requires a solidly struck mid to long iron to a long but quite narrow green. The surface itself is quite flat so the hardest part of the equation is the tee-shot.

Rating: 8.2

4. Royal Cromer Golf Club – 9th Hole – 161 yards

The 9th at Royal Cromer demonstrates how an outstanding green-keeping team can transform an average hole into a truly outstanding and memorable one.

The last five years have seen the complete reconstruction of the bunkers around the green, which now form a series of seven fearsome pits encircling three-quarters of the putting surface. The teeing areas, perched high up beside the edge of the cliff, have been expanded and tiered to provide a wider selection of distance options. Rough has been developed around the green to provide definition to the golfers view from the tee.

With an elevated tee shot and the coastal winds, club selection and shot trajectory control are vital if the green is to be hit in regulation. With no bailout for an easy up and down and a fast back to front sloping green, this hole will test the golfers course management, nerve and skill.

Rating: 8.3

3. Hunstanton Golf Club – 16th Hole – 189 yards

With its second entry in the top 10, Hunstanton marks its quality as the sixteenth hole comes in at number three on the list.

Hunstanton 16th

This hole hit the headlines in 1974 when Bob Taylor unbelievably made a hole-in-one here on three consecutive days. You can read the full story here.

This is a classic links hole. There are wide-ranging views to the Wash from the elevated tee. The two-tier green is protected by deep bunkers on both sides and at the front. With no wind and the pin located on the bottom tier, a good birdie opportunity is presented. As ever with links golf, however, a strong wind and tucked back pin turn the hole into a fearsome challenge.

Rating: 8.4

2. Great Yarmouth & Caister Golf Club – 12th Hole – 172 yards

Pipping the previous entry by the narrowest of margins, the 12th hole at GY & C takes the title as the best short links hole in Norfolk.

Grt Yarmouth 12th

It is a worthy accolade. From a windswept elevated tee, the golfer must carry the 170 yards to the green over a rugged sand and gorse filled valley. Anything stalling in the wind and coming up short will be at the base of a steep bank at the front of the green. A tee shot leaked to the right will find itself out-of-bounds amongst the dunes.

The green contains a number of undulations and is tiered in the middle. An outstanding hole that heightens the senses and thrills the mind.

Rating: 8.4

1. Thetford Golf Club – 16th Hole – 153 yards

The sixteenth at Thetford wins the accolade for the best short hole in the County and by a clear margin.

This hole contains all of the design characteristics that make a great Par 3.

Visually it is stunning, with purple heather stretching from tee to green. The putting surface sits on an ‘island’, surrounded by heather, a semi-circular deep bunker and pine forest.

The short yardage makes it possible for any level of golfer to hit a successful tee-shot and the contours of the green can gather the ball towards the hole. But the penalty for missing the green on any side is severe, helping to increase the golfer’s pulse rate and swing tempo. This is a hole that creates an enormous amount of fun and which cannot help but put a smile on your face even as it punishes your errors.

A worthy number 1.

Rating: 8.9


The following holes just missed out on the top 10 (no particular order):

17th Royal Cromer, 17th Richmond Park, 2nd Eaton, 11th Sheringham, 9th Costessey Park, 13th Middleton Hall, 5th Kings Lynn, 3rd Dereham, 16th Bawburgh, 7th Great Yarmouth & Caister.

10. Royal West Norfolk – 4th Hole – 129 yards

9. Feltwell Golf Club – 16th Hole – 221 yards

8. Barnham Broom Golf Club (Valley) – 4th Hole – 192 yards

7. Kings Lynn Golf Club – 12th Hole – 210 yards

6. Hunstanton Golf Club – 7th Hole – 167 yards

5. Sheringham Golf Club – 15th Hole – 192 yards

4. Royal Cromer Golf Club – 9th Hole – 161 yards

3. Hunstanton Golf Club – 16th Hole – 189 yards

2. Great Yarmouth & Caister GC – 12th Hole – 172 yards

1. Thetford Golf Club – 16th Hole – 153 yards



5 thoughts on “Top 10 – Par 3’s in Norfolk – Final Part

  1. Some great par threes there . The 14th and 17th at Great Yarmouth and Caister could also be on the list .


  2. 11th at Sheringham needs looking at now.


    1. Hi Tony,
      Thanks for reading and interacting. The 11th at Sheringham fills a space between 11th and 20th in my current rankings. Once the ongoing alterations are complete and settled in, I am sure it will challenge the top 10 but there is some strong competition! I look forward to playing the updated hole.


  3. I’m a walker not a golfer, so am used to seeing signs telling me to beware of stray golf balls, but I was surprised by the sign at the edge of the Royal Cromer Golf Club which not only says beware of injury from golf balls but also says that paragliding is strictly by permission of the golf club! I wonder how many other golf clubs mention this? Stunning views from the cliff top near the edge of the golf course by the way.


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